Gusseted Bags

• Box, Bin, Tote, Gaylord liners,
and Top sheets / dustcovers
• Keeps finished product
clean prior to shipping
• Protection From Elements
• Pallet Cover When
• Dust & Contamination
Protection of warehoused
finished product

How to Measure
Width x Gusset x Length x Mil Thickness
The gusset is considered to be
the depth of the bag. For
example a 6″ x 3″ x 7″ bag
would be 6 inches wide by 3
inches deep by 7
inches long.

How To Select the Correct Bag Size
Width = Width + 4″
Gusset = Depth
For A Cover: Height + ½ Depth
For A Liner: Height + Depth + 4″

Product #Width x Gusset x Length X Mil DescriptionQuantity Per Roll
PGB-F1340HNN-100754″ x 44″ x 96″ 2 mil Tote Liner50

Call General Plastics with your custom gusseted bag requests.